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Who am I?

My name is Kaytlynn, I’m the author of this site. I enjoy writing and helping others out when it comes to finance. I grew up in a financially struggling home, so I was taught so many ways to save money and currently apply that to my life now.  Learn More

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Why Am I Here

I wanted to start a financial blog to help many other people. Struggling with money is not fun for obvious reasons, however there is a way to fix it and that is why I came up with this blog idea. Learn More
Book with "Don't wish for it, work for it" written in it.

Who benefits?

Everyone! Just because my blog is titled “Life as a Woman” doesn’t mean only woman can enjoy. I only named it that because I am a woman and this site is sort of like a financial journal.

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Life is chaotic

I started this blog to help other people become less confused or scared about finance. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Not spent being worried the whole time.

Growing up, I always had an understanding on how things work, including money, and I want to apply what I know to help others.

I’m truly hoping to help as many people as possible with this blog as I move forward. My goals are to really help as many people as possible reach their financial freedom. Nowadays, we HAVE to rely on money, which makes it that much harder. Stop living paycheck to paycheck!

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