If you know me then you probably already know that I love apps.

Apps are literally so amazing but I probably think that because I’m absolutely lazy.

My absolute favorite apps are money savings apps. They are not only convenient, they are also extremely helpful!

Now, my blog is about finance and ways to save money so I figured that I’d make this post to inform y’all how awesome savings apps are.

When I go shopping I love to find the best coupons I can so that I can save money. However, I hate cutting out coupons.

Manually cutting out coupons is time consuming and a waste of time nowadays.

All you have to do in apps is select the coupon and use it (Depending on the app)

So, lets go onto the best coupon apps.


Obviously this app is only for the store Smiths, but it’s AMAZING!

Smiths already has great deals to begin with, but imaging saving even more!

In the Smiths app you can scroll through the coupons, pick which you want to use and apply it to your card!

Then all you’ll need to do is give them your Smiths card or phone number at checkout!

Another thing I love about the app is that when I make a list, I can look up what I’m gonna buy and get an estimated price. That way I can know about how much I’m going to spend before I get to the store!

Checkout 51

This app is absolutely great because its a way to get cash back when you buy groceries.

All you have to do is add your offer on your account, buy the items and then scan your receipt.

Checkout 51 will approve your receipt after a while and add your cash bonus to your account!

You can request a check once you meet the $20 threshold.

Dollar General

This app is very similar to the Smiths app. You can add the deals to your account and apply them at checkout!

How easy is that?

Now onto my absolutely favorite app. This app is really something you NEED.


Digit is my #1 favorite app of all time. Before I downloaded this, I was absolutely awful at storing my money into savings without digging into it to get more groceries or anything else.

After I downloaded this app I started saving more and I feel more accomplished.

Digit is an app that connects to your bank account and automatically saves money or you without you even thinking about it!

It’s able to tell if you can afford to save and it comes with a low balance protection to help prevent your money getting too low.

AND get this. Digit has a 1% bonus every 3 months based on the average amount of money you have in your account.

P.S. If you join digit through my link, you get $5! (YES!)

Bonus app.


This app is really great. I love using this app since I live in a small town that has like 10 different gas stations.

Sometimes its hard to find the most affordable one.

This app makes finding affordable gas so much easier!

You can also pay with gas buddy and save more money!

Another thing the app has to offer is tracking your driving habits to help detect bad habits that may be costing you money!

Summary: Saving money can be easy and not time consuming!

Now, I know there’s not many apps in this list but I just put together my absolute favorite ones.

Which app is your favorite? Let me know below!

If you want me to make a longer list let me know!

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Woman holding smart phone with the words "5 amazing savings apps to help you boost your savings even more.
Woman holding pink piggy bank with the words "4 amazing apps to help you save even more money.

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