Ah, the store. The place dreaded by many. EVERYTHING seems sooooo expensive and it hurts. Being able to save is a life saver (Get it?)

I used to hate going to the store because I knew that my wallet would no longer be full.

I seriously hated the feeling of driving home in shame because I was very low on money.

I’ve been the one going to the store to buy groceries and other items since I started driving (15)

After a while I started figuring out little things that helped me save money.

Obviously coupons are a very very common way to save money and that’s why I’m going to avoid listing that in my methods.

Now, some of my tips are specific for certain stores but most are fr pretty much anywhere.

1. Do not go grocery shopping when hungry

This one is my absolute favorite tip. When you go shopping when you’re hungry you end up grabbing more food than you need.

For example. Let’s say you go to the store to get ramen and milk while hungry. (Super healthy, I know.)

While walking down the food isle you pick up a loaf of bread, a cheesecake, a dozen eggs, and cookie dough (Just really random examples).

Already, on average, based on the prices at my local Walmart, you’ve spent $26.76 when you went to the store to spend only $10.77.

2. Write a shopping list

Writing a shopping list prior to going to the store helps you search for and find exactly what you’re there to buy.

A lot of times (In my experience) I tend to wander and forget why I’m actually there and buy things that I don’t actually need.

Writing a list before hand helps prevent purchasing something you don’t necessarily need.

Another problem I run into when I don’t write a list is that I always end up forgetting something.

3. Estimate prices on your shopping list

This is something I’ve only recently done and I highly recommend it.

When I go to write my list I go to the store’s site (I mainly go to Walmart since it is the only big shopping center in my area) and add prices of the item next to it.

Before I write down prices I try to figure out a rough budget of how much I want to spend that day.

With each price, I round up to the next dollar so that I can make room for taxes.

For example, say something is priced at $2.25. I will typically round it up to $3 so that I have more than enough money and don’t find myself embarrassed about not having enough (It’s happened way too many times to me)

4. Round Up Prices

I know this is pretty much what is listed above, but this step is for the people who skipped the idea of making a list.

My fiance for example hates taking time to make a list.

So, when you go to the store you should either bring a calculator, or have the calculator app out on your phone.

When you grab an item off the shelf and put it in your basket, type in the rounded price on the calculator so you can add up how much you are spending.

If an item is $10.37 then round it up to $11. This way you have enough to account for taxes.

5. Look in the clearance isle before anywhere else

I know this is pretty much a given, but what I like to do is go to the clearance and see if what I’m there to buy is there.

One thing you do have to have is control. You need to try your absolute hardest to avoid buying another item other than what you need.

I know it’s especially hard when it’s on sale, but it’s best to avoid it.

6. Get cash beforehand

Using cash instead of a card is a smart way to be able to physically see and feel how much you are spending.

Swiping a card is part of what can cause you to overspend.

Since you cannot physically see money draining out of your account, unless you look at your transactions later on, it is harder to tell when you are spending too much money.

By having cash in hand and feeling yourself give it away, it helps you see how much you actually spend or save.


Simple little things such as these listed can cause you to spend more money than you can afford.

By using these few money savings hacks, you can avoid overspending and save more money.

As I said before, everything can be expensive and it makes it hard to life on low income.

That’s all I have for this post! Let me know which tip is your favorite and if I should write a similar post!

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